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We produce high-quality Iranian natural, healthy, and organic products using the best raw materials based on international standards.

Quality Control

We have one of the most extensive facilities for processing different kinds of herbs in Iran, equipped with quality control laboratories with the latest technology.


As a leading exporter of herbs, we export high-quality Iranian natural products that meet international standards at the most competitive prices.

High-Quality Iranian Natural Products


Rose Products

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Pure Goodness from the land

  • We export top-quality Iranian natural products according to international standards with the most competitive prices.
  • We have years of experience supplying and exporting agricultural products such as Medicinal Herbs, Saffron, and Dried Rose Buds.
  • Our sorting, packing, and quality control facilities are near the main Saffron fields and principal Rose and Herb Gardens; hence, we can supply the best quality of products with careful control on the packing and sorting process.

Our company is committed to providing high-quality products

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