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Chamomile is a well-known medicinal plant species from the Asteraceae family, often referred to as the “tar” among medicinal species in Iran.
Chamomile from Iran has a sweet, grassy, and lightly fruity aroma. Chamomile flowers are daisy-like, with yellow centers (approximately 1-1.5 cm in diameter) and white petals (between 12-20 in number). From the plant’s fresh and dried flower heads, infusions, liquid extracts, and essential oils are made.
Chamomile tea is commonly used in many parts of Europe, South America, and Mexico for children with colic and other digestive disturbances, fever, insomnia, restlessness, and irritability commonly associated with teething. Women have long used chamomile for PMS and menstrual cramps. It has also been recommended as a nervine for muscle cramps and headaches and soothes indigestion and flatulent colic.

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Iran Chamomile
Iran Chamomile