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Our sorting and packing facilities have located at the heart of Rose farms in Shiraz at Fars Province; hence, we gather the finest quality of the Roses from selected Rose farms. We carefully sort each lot of the Rose Buds that enter our facilities by our experienced staff and store in the hygienic and standard condition. Therefore, we supply the best quality of Iran Dried Rose Buds available in Iran throughout the year.

Rosa Damascena

In Iran, Rosa Damascena, commonly known as Damask Rose, is named “Gole Mohammadi”. It is one of the most important species of the Rosaceae family. Rosaceae are well-known ornamental plants and have been referred to as the king of flowers. Over 200 rose species and more than 18000 cultivars form of the plant has been identified in this day and age. Apart from using Rose Damascena as ornamental plants in parks, gardens, and houses, they are principally cultivated for use in perfume, medicine, and the food industry.

Damask Rose is known as the national flower in Iran. Rosa Damascena from Iran is unique in the world. It is apt for human consumption, and it has a unique aroma that cannot be found in any other type of Roses in the world. The central cultivation area of this type of Rose in Iran is Shiraz and Kashan.

Rosa Damascena Traditional Use

The most therapeutic effects of Rose Damascena in ancient medicine include

  • treating abdominal and chest pain,
  • strengthening the heart,
  • treating menstrual bleeding and digestive problems, and
  • reducing inflammation, especially of the neck.

North American Indian tribes used a decoction of the root of the Rose Damascena plant as a cough remedy to ease children’s cough. This plant is also used as a gentle laxative. Rose oil heals depression, grief, nervous stress, and tension. It helps reduce thirst, cure old cough, particular complaints of women, wound healing, and skin health. Vapor therapy of rose oil is helpful for some allergies, headaches, and migraine.

Rosa Damascena

Iranian Dried Rose Buds

Iranian Dried Rose Buds has an essential position in Iranian traditional medicine, and it is economically a valuable plant with therapeutic applications in modern medicine. Many scientists have confirmed the antimicrobial, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-depressant properties of Iranian Dried Rose Buds.
The primary use of Iranian Dried Rose Buds and Iranian Rose Petals is for eating to solve digestive system problems. The Iranian Dried Rose Buds and Iranian Rose Petals are sold as the flavor and laxative agents in groceries.
Iranian Dried Rose Buds are used as laxative agents and flavoring in foods in Iran. Some Iranians eat it with yogurt, and some use it to make Iranian Dried Rose Bud tea. Drinking Iranian Dried Rose Bud tea helps reduce the risk of dysentery, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and constipation. Moreover, drinking rose herbal flower tea is a great way to relax after a busy day at the office, as it can calm the central nervous system, reducing the chance of depression and anxiety.

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There are pieces of evidence that the Rosaceae family is an ancient plant. Some fossils of rose are found in America 30 million years old. The origin of Damask Rose is the Middle East, and some shreds of evidence indicate that the Rose Water originates in Iran. While this plant is cultivated worldwide, including in Iran, Bulgaria, and Turkey, Iran is the leading producer of high-quality Damask Rose. The major cultivation areas of Rosa Damascena in Iran are Shiraz and Kashan.

There are several pieces of evidence that the cultivation and consumption of Rosa Damascena in Iran has a long history, and Iran is one of its origins. It is believed that the crude distillation of roses for the oil originated in the late 7th century AD and spread to the provinces later in the 14th century. Iran was the main producer of rose oil until the 16th century and exported it worldwide.

Rosa Damascena is from Iran, and after the invasion of Alexander the Great, this plant went from Iran to Macedonia and Bulgaria and was cultivated there. The presence of this plant in Western Europe dates back to the Crusades from 1254 to 1276, and “Robert de Brie” took it to Europe from the Levant, and for this reason, the rose is known as Europe the Damask Rose.


The commercial cultivating of the Rose Damascene is the primary job of thousands of farmers in parts of central and south parts of Iran, primarily Shiraz, Kerman, and Kashan. The harvesting process, which is a labor-intensive process, starts in Jun and continues till July. To retain the flowers’ unique fragrance, they should be picked by hand before sunrise. Each family gathers together in the Rose gardens early in the morning to pick up the Iranian Pink Rose Buds and flowers before Sun rising.

Darab (Located 250 kilometers from Shiraz) is the main production center for the highest quality of Iranian Pink Rose Buds due to its natural and climatic conditions. At this particular time of the year, the scent of rose spreads over the whole city. According to a study conducted by Tehran University experts, the essence of Darab’s “Gole Mohammadi” and the resulting Rose Water has a concentration of 35 mg per 100 ml or 350 ppm, making it the world’s best and highest quality Rose Water.

Rosa Damascena Cultivation

Different Types of Rose Products

Rose Petals

This type contains Dried Rose Buds Petals with natural color and aroma and is more expensive than grade A. Iranian rose petals can be used in baking or give an extra touch to desserts and cakes. Apart from being beautiful, they have a floral and fragrant aroma. They can be infused in syrups, jam, compote, tea, or a cold summer drink.

Grade A Dried Rose Buds
Grade A Dried Rose Buds

This type of Dried Rose Buds is the one that we usually send to our customers, which is wholly sorted with natural color and aroma and free of any pesticides.

Grade B Dried Rose Buds
Grade B Dried Rose Buds

This type of Rose Bud is smaller but has the same color and aroma.

Grade C (Faded Color) Dried Rose Buds
Grade C (Faded Color) Dried Rose Buds

This type of Rose Buds has a faded color (close to yellow) compared to normal Pink Rose Buds. It has all the Medicinal properties and aroma of the standard color Pink Rose Buds; hence it can be used for tea bags.

Yellow Dried Rose Buds
Yellow Dried Rose Buds

This type is yellow, and Yellow Rose Buds are tempting with the fantastic smell and the taste. The main use of this type of Rose Buds is herbal tea production and decoration purposes.

Dried Rose Powder
Dried Rose Powder

This type contains broken Rosa Damascena Mixed with its sepal, which has the same aroma and is mainly used in tea bags.

Premier and Super Dried Rose Buds
Premier and Super Dried Rose Buds

This type of Rose Buds is bigger than other Rose Buds and the largest size in the market. The price is higher, and availability is limited.