Dried Fig

Iran Dried Fig

Iranian Dried Fig

Iran Dried Fig has the best quality and is unique in taste and nutrition, and our figs come from Estahban valley, located 777 km southeast of Iran. Estahban valley is known as the best land globally for producing Dried Figs.
The soil and climate in the city of Estahban near Shiraz center of Fars province are ideal for growing the best figs in the world. Figs orchards in Estahban are cultivated by dry farming, and their fruits are naturally sun-dried. Most activity in the orchards of figs begins in May as the fruit appears on the tree and culminates in October when the first picking of dried figs starts.

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Our Different Types of Dried Fig

Dried Fig 101AAA
Iran Dried Fig 101AAA

This type of Dried Fig is the most exclusive and expensive type among all Iranian Dried Figs. The main characteristic of this type is the white color or slightly yellow. This type’s size is big, and the majority of figs of this type are the open mouth, which makes them easy to eat and chew.

Dried Fig 101AA
Iran Dried Fig 101AA

This type of Dried Fig is another type of Iranian Dried Figs, which also belongs to the open mouth type. This type is smaller compared to 101AAA and more reasonable in price. This type is also white and yellow, but each Fig’s size is around 22mm, and 15% of this kind of Iranian Fig is closed-mouth.

Dried Fig 101A
Iran Dried Fig 101A

Dried figs that belong to this grade have yellow and white colors. The size of them is about 18mm. Nearly a half of the total amount of this type of Iranian Fig contains open-mouth ones.

Dried Fig AA
Iran Dried Fig AA

Dried figs of this grade are light yellow and white, and their size is about 22mm. Most percent of dried figs in this grade (about 90 percent) contains closed-mouth ones.

Dried Fig A
Iran Dried Fig A

This type of Iranian Dried Fig is the most favorable type for export due to being competitive in price. The majority of this type of Iranian Dried Fig contains closed-mouth ones, and the color of this type should be white or yellow but having some brown color figs are also acceptable. The size of figs is in the range of 14mm to 22mm. It is also possible to see some open-mouth figs in this type.

Dried Fig B
Iran Dried Fig B

This type of Iranian Dried Fig is the most reasonable and lowest quality in Iranian dried figs. The size of this kind of Iranian Dried Fig is around 14mm, and its color is brown and gray.