Iran Barberry

Iranian Barberry

Iran Barberry is an Iranian special type of berry rich in vitamin C with a sharp acid flavor. The medicinal and therapeutic value of barberry comes from the chemical berberine. This chemical not only inhibits the growth of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms; it also helps in boosting the body’s immune system and reducing blood pressure as well. For more information regarding barberry benefits, please follow this link.
Barberry shrubbery is 1 to 5 meters long, and its wood is red, brown, or yellow. Its oval-shaped leaves have red, oval-shaped, and sour red teeth and their flesh. Barberries are red berries that have always been one of the beneficial products worldwide.

Our Different Types of Barberry

Puffy (Pofaki)
Puffy (Pofaki) Barberry

For producing the Puffy type of Barberry, the plant’s branches are cut off with the fruit on them, and then it will be placed on wooden bars in a place with a continuous air stream from 4 sides. The drying process normally takes 4 to 5 months. After the Barberries are dried, they are separated from the branches by a machine and then passed through a vacuum machine to remove foreign objects.

Dane Anari (Sun Dried)
Dane Anari (Sun Dried) Barberry

The fruits are taken off the branches and placed under direct sunlight to dry To produce Sundried Barberry. The drying process normally takes four weeks.